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"Better than expected"

Rooms were really nice, quite big, better than expected! Right on the strip, literaly! Walk out and you right in the heart!

legz_07, 1/2010 - Holidaywatchdog.com 



Arrived at 2am, strip very lively, hotel was lovely, bang smack in middle of strip. Very clean, maid cleaned 4 times out of 7 nights, clean towels every 2 days.

Jodie, 8/2009 - holidays-uncovered.co.uk


"Clean and tidy"

A great place to stay if you want a really good, lively holiday. The hotel is right on the strip and at the centre of all the life. It is a five mins walk to the beach... Lots of bars close by and the Lush bar is one of the best on the strip. The room was clean and tidy and the cleaner came every couple of days, the owners of the Vagelis are great and easy to get along with and nothing is too much trouble.

Sharon, youngandlively.co.uk


"Located perfectly"

Great hotel, and generally located perfectly... Everything is like, a nice easy walk from the hotel, and the clubs along the strip are amazing!

Jade Forbes, 9/2008 - holidays-uncovered.co.uk

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